How to Develop Your

Analytics, Reporting & BI

Strategy Framework

Developing your Analytics, Reporting & BI Strategy 

In starting or enhancing your analytics, reporting or business intelligence assets and artefacts requires a strategy specific to the framework that you are going to engage to maximise the benefits to be achieved by your organisation.

The above requires having a strategy creation framework before you begin your reporting, BI, analytics or insights in order to minimise risk and maximise the strategic and commercial value delivered to the organisation.


From the beginning your reporting, BI and analytics strategy creation framework will need to include a sponsor and a steering committee to decide on the vision, defined information and the scope (refer to figure below).

Analytics BI,Reorting Stering Committee

Key principles to include in developing your strategy creation framework include:

  • Supports corporate strategy

  • Governance framework

  • End user focused

  • Developing internal capabilities

  • Internal & external data sourcing

  • Accuracy

  • Timeliness

  • Architecture

  • Data life cycle

  • Ethics

  • Training & end user strategy

  • Productivity

The figure below shows the strategy creation development framework and how it flows.


Once your strategy creation framework has been developed you are ready to formulate the following strategies:

  • Data Warehouse;

  • Reporting;

  • Business Intelligence;

  • Dashboards;

  • Analytics;

  • Modelling & Planning;

  • Insights;

  • Artificial Intelligence;

  • Machine Learning:

At all times the sponsor and committee need to ensure that the above strategies are aligned and support the organisation's corporate strategy, employees and customers/clients.

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Arthur Dimitropoulos is an Executive Director at Rundas Capital, providing advisory services on Performance Innovation and performing NED roles.


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