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Delivering Increased Performance in Sales, Margins, EBIT and Working Capital with Advanced Analytics and BI

Rundas' team operate across various industries that result in our clients' benefiting from industry specific experience combined with these being transferable across different industries.


Our industry knowledge and experience result in us delivering to boards, senior executives and management valuable insights and perspectives. These are achieved by partnership across the company to strengthen collaboration and earnings to produce the best possible results.

Rundas balances the drive for growth with fiscal responsibility, sustainability and an emphasis on partnering with all stakeholders.



Rundas partners with healthcare companies to deliver increased performance and sustainable EBITDA growth.

Healthcare companies have the opportunity to benefit from our ageing population and increasing occurrences of chronic illness. These opportunities are added to by the community being more engaged in investing in preventative healthcare and wellbeing services. There are many healthcare businesses struggling to address the challenge of increasing expenses that are growing at a faster rate than their revenues due to shortages in healthcare professionals and increasing technology costs.


Healthcare providers acknowledge the demand for increased value and quality of care at reduced costs. The unfavourable constraints on healthcare providers are being influenced by health insurance organisations, government policy, increasing demands by consumers and employees. These have resulted in the healthcare industry needing to take action to address increasing cost pressures.

Our expertise and capabilities relevant to the healthcare sector include:

  • Developing operational efficiency strategies and plans;

  • Implementing operations improvement;

  • Performing turnarounds of under-performing businesses;

  • Working capital improvements;

  • Cash flow improvements;

  • Enterprise reporting and modelling strategies, reports and models;

  • Industry benchmarking to identify efficiency and EBIT gains: