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Data & Analytics Strategy

As the foundation of your data practices, we will partner with you in creating your data strategy outlining how your data, people, processes, and technology can intergrate to achieve your business goals.


Analytics & BI Implementations

Our experienced analytics and data science consultants are successful across multiple Business intelligence and analytics applications. We conduct full scale BI customized solutionsincluding upgrades and design scalable analytics allowing you to take advantage of the latest technologies and methodologies helping you to achieve more from your data.


Visualization & Enterprise Reporting

We analyze your business and align your KPIs to intuitive dashboards and dynamic reporting that allows you to get deeper insights into your data in new ways. We perform health checks on existing implementations and deliver recommendations optimizing your performance for effective reporting.


Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Data science delivers significant benefits with proper planning and implementations. We will assess your readiness to guide you to more efficient cost effective processes and tools to achieve increased value while building models reducing human bias.


Data & Analytics Modernization

We can modernize your data, analytics and BI applications and solutions to increase scalability, agility to be future ready allowing you to integrate new data sources quickly including taking advantage of new technologies, adapting your analytics to be aligned to your changing business needs.


Analytics Animations 

Animation of data and analytics visualizations is a powerful approach to present inights and makes it easier for the human brain to understand data and  to draw insights from it. The primary goal of data visualization is to make it easier patterns, trends and outliers in large data sets to be identified and to draw actionable conclusions from.


Analytics Strategy

Performance strategies creating growth and value in hyper-competitive industries

  • Reporting Strategies

  • Analytics and Data Strategies

  • Customer Strategies

  • Architecture Strategies

Value creating long-term partnerships to deliver continual strategy success.

Get Power BI working for you

Visualise and analyse your data with greater speed and actionable insights with Power BI.


Advanced Analytics & BI

Creating value for you with advanced analytics, BI, visualisations and reporting capabilities

  • Data Visualisations

  • Actionable Insight Dashboards

  • Self-Service Analytics BI Reporting

  • Enterprise Performance Analytics


Making your data and analytics available to everyone to make fact-based decisions.

Performance Improvements

We can help you improve your cash flow, the strength of your balance sheet and your profitability to create tangible financial value for your organization.


Rundus achieves this for you by designing and implementing financial performance strategies that draw on our extensive expertise including operations, technology and human resources.


Project Management

Our rapid project implementation methodology delivers outcomes in very short time frames at lower cost.

  • Business Outcome Prioritisation

  • Rapid Agile Deployments

  • End User Engagement Plans

  • Change Management Strategies


Committed, skilled and passionate team leaders focussed on delivering and empowering your team.

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Results We Have Achieved


Revenue Growth



EBITDA Increase

(Technology SaaS)


Expense Reduction



Inventory Reduction


Client Testimonials

Talking about Non Executive Directors Role

Non Executive Director

Developed and implemented our Balanced Scorecard strategy allowing us to repositioned and monitor our business with greater insights.

Managing Directors Testimonial on Benefits Delivered Analytics

Managing Director
Retail & FMCG

Developed and implemented our KPI, analytics and BI reporting platform to align daily operations reporting to month end Executive and Board packs.

CFO Copliments Rundas on BI Results

Chief Financial Officer

Increased operational efficiencies by designing and delivering our forecasting / budgeting models  and management reports to allowed us to have one version of the truth.

Partnering with organisations to reach increased performance

Rundas works with you to achieve increased financial performance to lead to increased rewards and the freedom to make broader strategic decisions. 


Engagement Resourcing

Your circumstances and needs necessitate for different resourcing requirements at different times. Rundas is able to step in at short notice or on a part-time or casual basis to achieve specific outcomes. Here at Rundas we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements whether it be contract, casual, part-time, project based resources or total outsourcing of your Analytics & BI function.


Financial Performance

Rundas can help you improve your cash flows, the strength of your balance sheet and your profitability to create tangible financial value for your organization. Rundas achieves this for you by designing and implementing financial Analytics performance strategies that draw on our extensive expertise including operations, technology and human resources.


Analytics, Business
Intelligence & Modelling

Rundas’ analytics practice enables you to become insights driven. This is achieved by working with you to develop and systemize your analytics into your decision making processes. Resulting in enhancing your analytics capability development in a manner that embeds into your business models to identify new areas of growth, efficiency and competitiveness.


About Us

Over the past 25 years Rundas' foundations were being laid by our stakeholder who originally was focussed on delivering enterprise performance management consulting services and solutions to multinational organisations. Over time this evolved into being invited to drive transformation agendas to turnaround non-performing international companies and restructuring distressed assets on behalf of the Board of Directors. This evolution has resulted in creating our organisation that has the expertise and contacts to create shareholder value by working with diverse management and executive teams.

Our performance innovation firm is committed to increasing the performance of its clients. Rundas actively pursues and nurtures alignment with leadership teams where we can create value with our financial expertise, operational capabilities and transformation strategies.

Our contribution is a proactive and honest collaborative management style to add value to companies with flexible engagement agreements.


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