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Cash Flow Strategy, Forecasting & Modelling

Delivering advanced business modelling and analysis including SaaS to achieve a greater understanding of where opportunities exist for increased performance.

Our cash flow strategies, analysis, reporting and modelling services allow you to focus on the required strategies and actions to achieve a strong and sustainable cash flow and control your cash flow risks.


We provide you with transparency of your individual business units and departments including consolidating or deconstructing them to identify their impact on cash flow. These are combined with the capabilities us modelling your strategies impact on cash flow, profitability and balance sheet.

Improve business cash flow

By partnering with Rundas to develop and implement your cash flow strategy and model you will be able to identify, quantify and model your major cash flow drivers and risks.


The above will allow you to better manage your cash flows risk, perform multiple year cash flow planning/projections, perform sensitivity and goal seek analysis to model and evaluate your strategies on corporate and financial performance.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your cashflow strategies, modelling and reporting requirements.

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Cash Flow Consultanting
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