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Customer Churn Modelling, Analytics & Reporting KPIs

Customer Churn analytics and modelling to identify and reduce customer churn. These can be achieve with your current application including Power BI, Cognos TM1 or MS Excel applications.

Your customer churn and retention has a significant impact on the performance on your top and bottom lines.


We can help you and your marketing team in designing, creating, implementing and enhancing your customer loyalty, retention, lifecycle strategies. This includes monitoring and measuring your campaigns retention and growth targets.


Rundas can help you achieve your goals in your customer churn and retention reporting and modelling by:

  • Working with you on your retention strategy reports, dashboards and modelling requirements.

  • Reviewing, testing and optimising your marketing initiatives to encourage desirable customer and business outcomes.

  • Engage with your data warehousing and analytics teams on regular in-depth reviews of churn models to identify and implement detailed strategies.

  • Development of propensity models to achieve greater retention and growth outcomes.

  • Review and enhance marketing data governance and capabilities.

  • Development of marketing systems, policies and processes in meeting compliance requirements and identify areas of risk.

  • Designing and implementing contact management rules.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your customer retention objectives and targets.

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