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Functional Department Specialists Maximising Returns From Your Data Analytics

Every industry and department function have unique analytics needs. At Rundas we bring our commercial analytics experiences to develop data and analytics solutions that increase your profitability.

We Have Analytics Solutions for Every Business Function​

Analytics Performance Management Framework
Executive Dashboard Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Customer Churn Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Digital Marketing Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Customer Retention Analytics Dashboard Visualization
CFO Finance Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Diversity Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Human Resources HR HRM Analytics Dashboard Visualization
CRM Analytics Dashboard Visualization
CMO Marketing Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Cash Cycle Management Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Customer Satisfaction Survey Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Accounts Receivable Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Risk Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Sales Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Revenue Customer Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Travel Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Manufacturing Fixed Assets Analytics Dashboard Visualization
Financial Analytics Dashboard Visualization


We partner with finance professionals to move away from manually preparing and cleansing data and generating reports in Excel to automatically produced financial BI analytics solutions and data preparations and cleansing. This results in more productivity and insights being identified by financial and accounting professional to increase financial performance. We partner with organisations to facilitate the most effective available financial decisions in in shorter time frames that result in reducing costs, managing and reducing risks with increased transparency and profitability.


Human Resources

Our Human Resources (HR) data, BI, analytics and reporting solutions bring together in one insights application your HR applicant tracking, training platforms, payroll systems, engagement surveys. All these different data sets are brought together into one centralised reporting BI analytics reporting solution. Our services and solutions provide HR teams increased visibility into their employees' lifecycle enabling the development and building of a stronger workforce that is focussed in supporting your business objectives while encouraging further employee wellbeing.


Sales and Marketing

We at Rundas implement our sales and marketing analytics solutions as they integrate data sets from CRM applications to automated your marketing initiative reporting, website analytics insights, SEO applications, social media platforms, various advertising channels resulting in more insightful and customer centric transparency resulting in more accurate and higher ROI from marketing and sales initiatives. 


Supply Chain

We partner and help companies utilise multiple data sources to optimize efficiencies in the performance of their supply chain department. This ranges from product design, development through to distribution. Our solutions help companies obtain increased supply chain insights to allow them to operate more leaner as well as being more resilient to supply chain shocks and to increase their profitability.

Data, BI and analytics insights are key inputs into any departmental decision making process and operations. Defining and implementing data collection, analysis and reporting processes allow you to make more informed and timely decisions for maintaining and increasing organisational success.

We Partner With You in Overcoming

• Significant dependence on spreadsheets
• Low uptake of BI analytics technologies
• Minimal self-service reporting capabilities
• Organisational data silos
• Analytics ROI not measured
• Inability in scaling current analytics solution

• Many disconnected data sources

• Inefficient & slow decision making processes

• Difficulty rolling out new analytics technologies

• Ineffective & poor data quality

• No data governance

• Data is not trusted

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