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Power BI for Office 365 Dashboards

Power BI enabled you to identify and share new insights, have access to reports on a self-service basis as well as allowing you to collaborate with your team.

Power BI for Office 365 is web-based software service that works with Microsoft Excel allowing you to access, use and create self-service reports, dashboards, business intelligence and analytics.

Rundas with Power BI empowers you to work in anew efficient way with your data and other data sources to be able to share insights, access BI reports, visualisations and to collaborate with others on the move from web-based browser devices.

Power BI to Simplify your Information

Maintain your data models and allowing you to find insights quickly and easily.

Power BI for Collaboration

Create collaborative sites very quickly for your organisation to be able to share your workbooks containing data, insights and comments.

Power BI to Simplify your Information

You can use natural language to ask questions of your data by typing your questions and Power BI then interpreting your question into a query to provide you with your results in an interactive dashboard visualisation.

Count on our experts to support you in developing and deploying your Power BI solution and maintaining it for you.

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