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Retail Analytics Reducing Impact of Margin Pressures

Innovating with your data BI analytics to identify and meet changing continually changing customer demands and market dynamics.

Rundas partners with retail organisations to implement its BI analytic solutions to allow retailers to be adaptable to customer changing demands and the growing market share through online and omni channel shopping. Our data analytics solutions also result in improving your retail supply chain's efficiencies and aligning these to your retail customers' changing behaviours.
We help you in navigating very large data sets and to consolidated your analytics and BI visualization dashboards to allow for your team to make fact and insights based decisions.

Retail data Vizualisations

Product Performance

Our retail BI analytics solutions allow you to review the performance and key insights in your products by brand, category, supplier and location. These result in your products are stocked in the correct mix to ensure you have the right products in the right stores at the right stocking levels at the right time to meet your customers' demands.

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Predictive Customer Behaviours

Our retail solutions consultants develop analytics to identify key insights on customer buying patterns and habits across your various channels and geographic markets. These identified insights allow for you to utilise these insights to optimise your product mix, marketing  ROI efforts and your optimal product pricing strategies specific to your local market.

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Supply Chain Forecasting Management

We design and implement analytics modelling  and visualization dashboards to improve  your retail supply chain's purchasing, forecasting, and distribution management accuracies. By engaging Rundas in implementing our advanced retail supply chain analytics to align your ordering, manufacturing and logistics schedules to your consumer demand will result in reducing your supply chain, logistics and inventory levels across your retail network.

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Retail Store Performance

We can partner with you to design, implement and support advanced analytics based on internal and external data sets to analyse and benchmark the performance of your retail company owned stores and franchised stores with advanced insights identifying trends in  your sales, changing customer behaviours, store traffic and transaction attributes. Our advanced benchmarking BI analytics identify under performing  stores.

Retail geospatioal

Optimize Retail Locations

We can take full advantage of your customer data combined with demographic and geospatial data to identify and predict the potential economic value to be added of current and future retail store sites. Our solutions include geospatial techniques to map and optimize your customers in store retail actions and experience.

Retail data transparency

Optimizing Retail Promotions

We can develop your analytics and predictive forecasting models to report on the performance of your retail promotions and their contribution to profitability, impact on sales, inventory, logistics and supply chain performance and product availability.

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Retailers generally operate on very small margins, and seasonally impacted cash flow cycles. We can help you to plan and manage cash flow, reduce costs and improve profits including strategies on inventory management and how to make your supply chain more efficient.

Rundas can develop, implement and advise you on your strategy, benchmarking, analytics and workforce performance services.

Rundas has a deep and broad understanding of retail cash flow and profitability drivers. This include:

• Increasing foot traffic, conversions and basket size;

• Planning, sourcing, inventory management;

• Discounting strategies;

• Labour hour optimisation;

• Overhead cost reduction strategies and models;

• Working capital management;

• Marketing’s promotions return on investment performance;

• ROX on speed of delivery while minimising costs;

• Allocation and reduction in overheads and increasing EBIT strategies and models:

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