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Understand Your Customers And Sales To Maximise Your Marketing Investment Return

We help your sales and marketing teams use their data to increase sales and achieve positive returns on marketing spends allowing them to be agile and to quickly move in changing markets.

We partner with your sales and marketing teams to be effective by understanding your customers' behaviours and to design, implement and measure successful strategies. Our sales analytics and marketing analytics solutions allow you to obtain new insights from multiple large data sets combined with automated data analytics reporting solutions.


360 Degree View of Customers

We can help you in your integration and analytics of your marketing and sales BI analytics data from your marketing and sales application platforms into one centralised BI analytics visualization platform solution. This includes us bringing data together from many different source systems including and not limited to Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics,, Hubspot, Saleslogix, Twitter, Hootsuite, Marketo and others to provide you with a single analytics dashboard reporting solution to obtain a 360 degree view of your customers and their sales and marketing behaviours.


Marketing Campaign Performance

Our solutions provide you with the capabilities to measure and track your campaigns' contribution and performance with a single consolidated view of all of your marketing activities and your ROI from these marketing activities. You will achive with our campaign analytics line of sight and linkages between different programs, campaigns, channels lead generation to their respective sales and gross profit results. Our line of sight linkages provide you with analytics capabilities to obtain new marketing campaign  insights and their contribution to your organisation.


Predictive Customer Behaviour Analytics

We can partner with you to allow you to identify new customer preferences and purchaseing behaviour pattern insights to support your marketing strategies and aligning them, with your sales strategies. These include and are not limited to predictive customer churn analytics insights to facilitate the design, development and implementation of customer retention strategies that are tailored towards your most valuable customers.


Customer Segmentation Insights

Our customer segmentation solutions are across multiple attributes and dimensions based on different characteristics and demographic profiles. These different type of segmentation attributes are identified by our advanced analytics from multiple different data sources  to allow you to tailor your product offering, messaging and tactics aligned to each customer segments wants efficiently and effectively.


Sales Forecasting Models

We can partner with you in designing, developing, deploying and supporting your sales forecasting application. This includes top-down, bottom-up and middle-out sales forecasting models. Our sales forecasting solutions includes analysing your sales data with market drivers as well as including industry benchmarking ratios and trends to utilise predictive sales technologies that also include growth planning within the insights that are discovered and incorporated to develop more accurate sales forecasts including and manufacturing, logistics and supply chain constraints.


Sales Performance

We posses advances sales product analytics visualization dashboards and insights algorithms by product, sales representative comparing insights to quota targets to support your sales team in increasing their productivity and sales volumes. Our BI reporting analytics dashboards are intuitive for your sales team members to use to view insights that have been discovered as well as managing their daily sales activities to help them in achieving their sales forecast targets.

What Our Sales Marketing Analytics Do

At Rundas we partner with you across the complete marketing and sales data, BI and analytics visualization lifecycle. We start with your strategy and progress through to your implementation and us supporting you to extract the greatest insights and value from you data for the benefit of your organisation. We allowing you to make sense of your data and to utilise it in solving complex problems.


Data Strategy

Evolving with your data, BI, Analytics and Visualizations begins with a robust strategy. Rundas partners with you to design, plan and implement your medium and long term strategy. We help you in defining the team, functions, processes, and technology stack you require to support your organisation in putting in place the foundations to begin using your data assets to achieve your business goals.


Data Management

At Rundas we partner with you and depending on your requirements and preferences progress in designing and implementing your data management plan for either off-premise cloud-based or on-premises or a combination hybrid data solutions across secure infrastructure that supports adaptable and flexible  data architectures to act as the foundation your organisation requires to maximise the return from all of your data assets.



Our clients benefit from our advanced BI analytics visualization templates. We implement powerful data BI analytics solutions. In addition we automate data and reporting processes, turning disparate data sources into consolidated insights  based on improve data quality and data governance methodologies. Our analytics BI reports are structured to communicate valuable insights  and predict future trends.

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