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Board Reports

Streamlining board reports and aligning management KPIs to governance, strategy and performance outcomes.

You need to ensure that your Board of Directors and Executives are continually questioning the type of information that they are being provided and that you do not provide them with lengthy reports.


In summary you need to ensure that the company directors are being provided with the right type of information to allow them to review and strategically steer the direction of the company in meeting its objectives and obligations.

The Board and Executives that you serve need to be assured that they are being provided the required facts, as this will address any allegations that they are failing to exercise their responsibilities to the shareholders.


The onus is on the Directors to ensure that they are receiving the information they require as opposed to consuming what they are being provided in a passive manner.


The information you provide to your board of Directors needs to be in the context of the decisions that your board needs to make and enables your Board to discharge their duties effectively.

The board report needs to be presented in a clear consistent
presentation layer that Rundas is able to help you achieve and align with your day to day management reporting systems including the alignment of consistent key performance drivers.


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