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CRM Analytics KPI Reports

Enabling business decisions based on customer behaviour segmentation and predictive analytics with Microsoft Power BI.

We can help you with advanced customer relationship analytics with the use of our CRM BI reporting methodologies and processes to allow you to evolve traditional CRM systems into advanced customer-centric reporting and analysis. We can use your existing tools, Microsoft Power BI, Cognos TM1 or MS Excel.


Our methodologies and solutions provide you with the information you need to make decisions that will boost profits, increase market share, and improve customer loyalty including the use of analytics.


Our CRM-specific analytical solutions are designed to ensure your organization has the best possible solution to measure and manage your CRM initiative and unlock the mysteries of consumer behaviour, revenue and profitability.


The measures included in our CRM analytics are across customer segmentation, customer profitability, customer loyalty, customer retention, marketing analytics and customer service.


Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your CRM objectives.

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