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Get Full Visibility And Insights Into Your Supply Chain End To End

Supply chains are complex and we can support you in fully utilising your internal and external data in optimising the performance of your full supply chain.

Rundas we can support you in designing and deploying advanced supply chain analytics solutions that will allow you to obtain new insights and complete visibility into your supply chain activities to deliver you increased performance efficiencies and profitability.

Supply Chain bi consultants

Planning and Forecasting Analytics

Our forecasting and planning solutions deliver advanced analytics solution on your customer data sets, identifying relationships, trends  and seasonality to predict demand forecasts to facilitate and automate decision making processes manufacturing production volumes and inventory levels.

Supply Chain geospatial analytics


Our transportation and logistics visualization dashboards providing delivery timeframe plans and routing scenarios to provide the most efficient and timely route from order to delivery. Additionally our logistics analytics identify ineffective shipments and defective items to minimize and control costs combined with measuring and tracking outbound logistics and warehouse productivity effectiveness.

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Fleet Management

We can provide you with real time analytics from your fleet management data allow for proactive preventative fleet vehicle maintenance schedules, the monitoring of your drivers safety, fuel running costs and other measures as required as well as driver performance profiling and benchmarking to reduce overall fleet costs.

Supply Chain bi analytics

Suppliers Performance

Our BI analytics dashboards monitor and provide supplier performance metrics. Supplier BI reporting analytics visualization dashboards include order delivered in full, order delivered time to deliver, order delivered on time, order delivered order accuracy, order delivered damaged goods. These result in identifying your top and bottom suppliers, comparing there profit and gross margin contributions as well as providing your with new insights when negotiating your supplier contracts.

Supply Chain data science

Inventory Management

Our inventory BI analytics dashboards monitor and provide you with new inventory insights. Inventory stock BI reporting analytics visualization dashboards include your sales to inventory ratio, total inventory, days of inventory and return on inventory allowing you to increase the efficiencies and reduce your costs and expenses in managing your inventory levels and cycles combined with improving your demand forecasting accuracy and insights to reduce out of stocks and over stocked inventory.

What Our Supply Chain Analytics Do

At Rundas we partner with you across the complete supply chain data, BI and analytics visualization lifecycle. We start with your strategy and progress through to your implementation and us supporting you to extract the greatest insights and value from you data for the benefit of your organisation. We allowing you to make sense of your data and to utilise it in solving complex problems.

Supply Chain dashboard

Data Strategy

Evolving with your data, BI, Analytics and Visualizations begins with a robust strategy. Rundas partners with you to design, plan and implement your medium and long term strategy. We help you in defining the team, functions, processes, and technology stack you require to support your organisation in putting in place the foundations to begin using your data assets to achieve your business goals.

Supply Chain visualization

Data Management

At Rundas we partner with you and depending on your requirements and preferences progress in designing and implementing your data management plan for either off-premise cloud-based or on-premises or a combination hybrid data solutions across secure infrastructure that supports adaptable and flexible  data architectures to act as the foundation your organisation requires to maximise the return from all of your data assets.

Supply Chain data strategy


Our clients benefit from our advanced BI analytics visualization templates. We implement powerful data BI analytics solutions. In addition we automate data and reporting processes, turning disparate data sources into consolidated insights  based on improve data quality and data governance methodologies. Our analytics BI reports are structured to communicate valuable insights  and predict future trends.

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