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Insurance Data BI Analytics Dashboards

Insurance dashboard specific to the insurance industry incorporating heat tiles and trend lines.

Rundas provides services to insurance businesses to develop customised  analytics performance dashboards and reporting models.


One of the objectives of our insurance dashboards is successfully striking a balance between short-term risks and long-term financial performance. This success for insurance is based on offering the right reporting dashboard to executives, management and operational staff that is aligned to the corporate strategy.


The above involves having the correct measures aligned to products and having the right people selling the best aligned product while managing the risks in selling the respective insurance policies to clients.

Insurance dashboard report

Rundas' dashboards use insurance specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics in obtaining insights and being able to balance risk, rewards and performance that are aligned to operations, product strategies and aligning in a cascading fashion to the corporate strategy.

Contact us to find out how we can partner to help you achieve your insurance specific dashboards, reporting, BI, modelling and analytics objectives.

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