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Leverage People HR Analytics Data To Attract, Grow And Retain Employees Who Contribute 

Utilise your people HR analytics data to better understand and improve your employees' contribution and retention.

We partner with you to design and implement Human Resources (HR) BI people analytics reporting solutions that bring together data from HR information systems, applicant tracking applications, learning platforms, payroll software and survey providers as well as bringing together data from other internal and external data sets to facilitate you in developing, implementing and measuring your HR initiatives and performance.

Human Resources HR life cycle

Workforce Planning

Bring together people HR data from across your organization to identify and model optimal staffing levels and to predict your workforce requirements needed for your future roadmap. In addition ensure your hiring efforts will meet your organization's growth goals.

Human Resources HR retention


We partner with you to reduce your HR costs to hire  new team members by analysing your different recruiting channels to identify where your ideal candidates are coming from as well as identifying where in your recruitment process your candidates are removing themselves.

Human Resources HR analytics

HR Performance Management

Consolidate your HR analytics efforts in analysing your employees' performance reviews, aspiration tracking, 360 degree reviews, employee surveys and their promotion ratios. These BI people analytics and HR dashboards will facilitate you in obtaining new insights in understanding the factors that improve your organisation's productivity and reduce employee attrition.

Human Resources HR model

HR Development and Learning

We can help you in analysing the effectiveness of your HR training and development initiatives by bringing together your HR data with other data sources internally and externally to your organisation. Our HR people analytics provide insights into the development of skills within your skills matrix across your organization allowing you to identify areas and personnel requiring improvement and understanding your HR programs' ROI. All the insights identified from the HR learning and development analytics allowing you to determine future training programs.

Human Resources HR retention analytics

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

We support you in identify key areas for improving across your employee's employment lifecycle. Our HR people BI analytics also monitor improvements and communicate your insights throughout your organisation to keep your entire organisation briefed in achieving your diversity goals.

Human Resources HR reports

Benefits and Compensation

We can partner with you providing HR analytics and people BI reporting solutions to analyse your team members remuneration, compensation strategies, performance, and your employees' key attributes to provide insights in pay equity, rewarding high performers, attracting the right and  top talent and in making competitive salary remuneration offers for your new hires and how these contribute to your organisation's bottom line.

What Our HR Analytics Do

At Rundas we partner with you across the complete HR data, BI and analytics visualization lifecycle. We start with your strategy and progress through to your implementation and us supporting you to extract the greatest insights and value from you data for the benefit of your organisation. We allowing you to make sense of your data and to utilise it in solving complex problems.

Human Resources HR bi

Data Strategy

Evolving with your data, BI, Analytics and Visualizations begins with a robust strategy. Rundas partners with you to design, plan and implement your medium and long term strategy. We help you in defining the team, functions, processes, and technology stack you require to support your organisation in putting in place the foundations to begin using your data assets to achieve your business goals.

Human Resources HR data

Data Management

At Rundas we partner with you and depending on your requirements and preferences progress in designing and implementing your data management plan for either off-premise cloud-based or on-premises or a combination hybrid data solutions across secure infrastructure that supports adaptable and flexible  data architectures to act as the foundation your organisation requires to maximise the return from all of your data assets.

Human Resources HR dashboard


Our clients benefit from our advanced BI analytics visualization templates. We implement powerful data BI analytics solutions. In addition we automate data and reporting processes, turning disparate data sources into consolidated insights  based on improve data quality and data governance methodologies. Our analytics BI reports are structured to communicate valuable insights  and predict future trends.

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