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Partnering with the Education Sector to Achieve Greater Insights & Analytics in the Changing Delivery Models

Rundas' team operate across various industries that result in our clients' benefiting from industry specific experience combined with these being transferable across different industries.


Our industry knowledge and experience result in us delivering to boards, senior executives and management valuable insights and perspectives. These are achieved by partnership across the company to strengthen collaboration and earnings to produce the best possible results.

Rundas balances the drive for growth with fiscal responsibility, sustainability and an emphasis on partnering with all stakeholders.


The education sector is experiencing rapid change with new advancements in technology and innovation that are impacting and changing engagement and delivery models.


The changing funding models, cultural dimension and workforce management planning are introducing new challenges and opportunities for education providers.

From childcare through to tertiary education in the private and public sectors providers are responding to the current challenges, opportunities and preparing for their futures. Rundas’ expertise can enable you to realise opportunities and address the impact of the inherent challenges on the horizon.



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