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Analytics Dashboard KPIs & Scorecards

Creating strategic and aligned dashboards and scorecards for executive and management teams.

Executive dashboards and scorecards assist executive leadership teams and management to keep up to date with your company's performance.

Your dashboards' and scorecards' contents are customised and specific to your organisation's unique operations and performance drivers.

Our methodologies achieve these through structured workshops to define the content your leadership team requires followed with the implementation and automation of the required solution.

In defining and developing your executive leadership team's and management team's  dashboard, we proceed in identifying and selecting the key performance indicators and their dependencies with your stakeholders.


Once these have been selected we proceed in developing a prototype of your dashboard for stakeholder assessment and sign off.


The final stage includes the deployment and socialising of your dashboards and scorecards within your organisation as they are implemented.


Contact us for a discussion on your performance dashboard and scorecard requirements and how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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