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MS Excel Reports Contractors, Developers & Consultants

Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) report developer contracting, developer and consulting including macros, VBA, database sql integration and application development.

Microsoft's MS Excel is a powerful and flexible reporting tool for your company to allow you to perform highly complex reporting, dashboards, scorecards, modelling and analysis.


These are further enhanced with MS Excel's ability to connect to multiple disparate data sources, including sql database querying and the use of the VBA development language.

Your reporting cycle can be automated to allow your reporting packs, scorecards, dashboards and models to be created automatically for you.


Providing you with more time to invest in analyzing and interpreting your results as opposed to manually collating and building your reports.


We can partner with you to achieve the above points as well as providing you with the capability to distribute your reports in hard or soft copy to a tablet device without requiring the Excel application.


Contact us to discuss how we help you with your MS Excel reporting and modelling requirements.


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