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Inventory / Stock On Hand Analytics Consultants

Inventory / stock on hand strategic reporting, analysis, analytics and modelling to reduce inventory holdings and handling costs.

Efficiencies in reducing inventory / stock on hand exist with advanced analysis, analytics, modelling and forecasting that are outside of traditional methods engaged.

From your inventory levels we  can increase your profitability and cash flow significantly and we can partner with you to achieve these outcomes by analytically managing and forecasting your invntory levels and processes.

Rundas can partner with you to proactively manage your inventory levels and planning in your organisation to positively impact your bottom-line.


We can help you with our methodologies and services to provide you with the reporting, performance dashboards and forecast modelling required for you to be able to make insightful decisions to reduce inventory holding levels, costs, free up additional working capital, ensure that demand planning is accurate and ultimately increase your customers' satisfaction, profitability and cash flow.


Sample measures engaged in increase inventory performance include:

  • Inventory Carrying Costs.

  • Days of Supply.

  • Supply Sources.

  • Supplier Fill Rates.

  • Supplier On-Time Delivery Performance.

  • Percentage Defective.

  • Warranty & Returns.

  • Days Sales Outstanding.

  • Handling Costs

  • Overstocks / Out-Of-Stocks.

  • Order Lead Time.

  • Economic Order Quantity.

  • Incoming Material Quality.

  • Inventory Turnover.

  • Inventory-To-Sales Ratio.

  • Space Utilisation.

  • Shelf Life.

  • Re-Order Cost.

  • Loss Rate.

  • Storage Costs.

  • Rent.

  • Depreciation.

  • Interest Costs

Contact us to discuss your inventory management objectives and required strategy to deliver on your objectives.

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