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Use Your Data to Improve Your Patient Outcomes and Reduce Provider Costs

Our Analytics, BI data visualization healthcare solutions identify new data insights to provide your healthcare organisation with new opportunities in improving your patient outcomes and reducing total costs for health insurance and government.

Primary Health Networks, Hospitals, Private Healthcare Insurers Data and BI Analytics Solutions

At Rundas we partner with healthcare providers that include hospitals, primary health network, private health insurers, home health care providers, rehabilitation services, dentists, pharmacies and veterinarians. We provide these organisations with data BI analytics solutions that integrate data from multiple medical application systems and us  focussing in reducing re-admissions, reducing your average cost per patient case while improving your patient and treating physician / doctor satisfaction levels and achieving improved operational efficiencies.


Secure & Robust Data Infrastructure

We can integrating your multiple internal and external data healthcare systems with our advanced BI analytics visualizations to generate new insights that will support you in achieving your goals. Rundas partners with healthcare providers and insurers integrating their data with data from public sources, niche data  providers to achieve high visibility into your organisation and your external community. We can design, implement, train and support your organisation's data scientists, analysts, administrators, regulators, clinicians, and insurance providers.


Executive & Management Dashboards

We can partner with you in developing your Executive Management dashboards and visualizations communication strategy to meet your strategic and operational goals. Our experience at Rundas allow you to deploy dashboards and scorecards that provide  new actionable insights identifying the relationships between your financials, outcomes, quality, patient flow, and workforce planning data. Your dashboards that we implement allow healthcare providers and insurance organisations to maximize efficiencies across health operations by analysing staffing levels, patient turnover, wait times and patient outcomes.


Improving Patient Outcomes

Our healthcare solutions allow for the reporting and sharing of required patient histories and healthcare data between your internal care providers resulting in enhanced and effective personalized care for your patients. Rundas' solutions create a single view of your patient by bringing together clinical treatment data, insurance, and demographic data for advanced insights and BI visualisations. These are provided within a secure reporting environment.


Reducing Costs for Patients & Providers

Our reporting and analytics solutions to healthcare providers allow for you to gain new insights and analysis into your inventory planning levels, supplier performance and utility vendors to uncover new cost savings including the streamlining your supply chain as well as allowing to to achieve better outcomes in your negotiations with your suppliers.


Monitor Multiple Healthcare Hospitals Sites

Our applications and solutions provide for merging your disparate data sources from your multiple hospital sites, clinics, clinical care, finance, research, operations, human resources, governance and procurement. This allows for you to have a single version of the truth with our healthcare performance framework that delivers new insights into your operations, processes and their performance outcomes across your multiple sites and functions.


Advanced Healthcare Insurance Analytics

Our health analytics utilize your data from multiple sources to design unique health insurance plans that are focussed on delivering personalized effective patient experiences including facilitating the fast tracking of insurance claims, enhanced customer BI reporting analytics allowing for you to make more informed decisions regarding the coverage and overall health of your patients.

Primary health network, healthcare and hospital organizations have significant accountability in striving in identifying and delivering the best patient experience and healthcare outcome in a cost effective manner.

At Rundas we can partner with you in delivering positive patient experiences and healthcare outcomes by designing, evolving and implementing cost effective and strong data models and infrastructure and reinforcing a fact base and data driven culture. We deliver these solutions to you with increasing insights through advanced BI analytics visualisations by engaging the right methodologies and applications.


We support healthcare organisations and government departments in identifying and utilising their multiple disparate data sets by bringing them together as a single view of the truth focussed on a  value-based healthcare system combined with understanding the value of utilising longitudinal data from multiple data sources to verify the effectiveness of the improved healthcare outcomes being achieved with advanced analytics solutions from Rundas.


The continual evolving healthcare policy environments and regulatory requirements reinforce in partnering with BI analytics expert Rundas to facilitate the ongoing support and maintenance of flexible and modern BI analytics reporting data infrastructure that is cost effective in a dynamic industry.



Rundas partners with healthcare companies to deliver increased performance and sustainable EBITDA growth.

Healthcare companies have the opportunity to benefit from our ageing population and increasing occurrences of chronic illness. These opportunities are added to by the community being more engaged in investing in preventative healthcare and wellbeing services. There are many healthcare businesses struggling to address the challenge of increasing expenses that are growing at a faster rate than their revenues due to shortages in healthcare professionals and increasing technology costs.


Healthcare providers acknowledge the demand for increased value and quality of care at reduced costs. The unfavourable constraints on healthcare providers are being influenced by health insurance organisations, government policy, increasing demands by consumers and employees. These have resulted in the healthcare industry needing to take action to address increasing cost pressures.

Our expertise and capabilities relevant to the healthcare sector include:

• Developing operational efficiency strategies and plans;

• Implementing operations improvement;

• Performing turnarounds of under-performing businesses;

• Working capital improvements;

• Cash flow improvements;

• Enterprise reporting and modelling strategies, reports and models;

• Industry benchmarking to identify efficiency and EBIT gains:

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