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Data Visualisation Consulting

Dashboard Visualisation and BI Reporting Consulting Services focussed on your requirements and business questions.

Our team have been designing, developing and deploying data visualisation reporting for over 25 years and consider that visualisation are a critical part in communicating insights from data analytics to quickly allow teams to identify trends, monitor performance, identify outliers as well as analysing the insights and relationships to different categories, products and other dimensions.

Rundas customises its visualisations specific to our clients’ needs and objectives to help them to achieve their business objectives and to answer their specific questions.

Rundas’ Data Visualisation Services

  • Perform health checks on your existing visualisation analytics following best practices and advise on areas for potential improvement.

  • Designing and developing your analytics visualisation solutions from scratch. This includes identifying your business and team’s requirements followed by designing conceptual visualisations including options on your technology platform based on your IT strategy.

  • Provide complete life cycle advanced data analytics services, modelling and reporting services including managed services solutions.

  • Providing end user acceptance testing and training for end users to understand the software and data reporting models.

  • We provide ongoing support, enhancements and maintenance services in performance optimisation, further enhancing the development of your existing visualisation environment including upgrades and migration from one analytical platform to another.

Data Visualisation Problems We Solve

Reports that are Not Insightful 

Reports that are not insight make users needing to scroll through a report in order to attempt to identify trends, relationships and insights that are almost impossible to identify.


At Rundas we believe users should not need to troll through reports in a manner that is wasteful of their time and needing them to extract data from reports and then needing to manually analyse them in Excel attempting to find any insights. Users’ time should be spent making informed decisions and not creating once off manual analysis reports in the hope to identify any insights. This is why data visualisation is an important part of the reporting process including achieving one version of the truth and adhering to data governance principles.

Over Complicated and Too Many Reports

Over complicated and over-populated reports and dashboards are ineffective to the end user when following a robust reporting strategy.

Regardless of the reason, too many visual components in any data visualisation including types of charts and colours result in the analytics reports and dashboards very difficult to comprehend and to communicate a clear message. At Rundas we design ours visualisations following best practices that are aligned to the business strategy and industries that our clients operate in allowing us to ensure that any trends and data outliers are identified immediately and that the reporting presentation layer in consistent whether it be a report, business intelligence interface, dashboard or scorecard including board packs.

Focussed Dashboards

Rundas customises clients’ reports and dashboards to the respective department and end user to allow them to focus on data and insights that are specific to their requirements.


Examples are Senior Executives have customised summary top-level dashboards while increased detail is incorporated into line management reports and dashboards with increasing detail for operational staff specific to their area or responsibility.

Answering Questions and Making Informed Decisions

Our BI reports and dashboards allow end users to be able to drill-down, slice and dice and filter on their reports and dashboards to allow them to obtain insights quickly to be able to make informed decisions while evaluating their business from different perspectives.

In addition our BI reports and dashboards are also identify to automate the content specific to non-performance or anomalies in performance.

Delivering Flexibility

Our solutions are not limited to desktop devises as we develop and customise our reports and visualisations to deliver clear customised insights over tablets, phones and other mobile devices and includes solving data privacy and security requirements.

The data visualisation and BI reporting technology stacks are numerous and deployable in many different configurations. Some of the technology are as follow:

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Cognos TM1

  • Microsoft PowerPivot

  • Microsoft Power View

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Tableau

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Pentaho

  • JasperReports

  • QlikView

  • MicroStrategy

  • Oracle Business Intelligence

  • Kyubit BI

  • Sisense

  • Custom front-end environment

Contact us at Rundas to identify how your reporting and dashboard visualisations requirements can be best met in the most cost-effective way.

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