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Advanced Financial Analytics

Delivering advanced financial analytics consultants developing sophisticated Power BI, Cognos TM1 and MS Excel applications for actionable insights.

Rundas' Advanced Financial Analytics, BI, budgeting, forecasting and planning methodologies and solutions allow you to evolve traditional financial applications and reporting systems into advanced customer, profit, cashflow and balance sheet centric financial analysis and applications.

We deliver these to you by designing and developing sophisticated applications and data models with software that includes Power BI, Cognos TM1 and MS Excel.

Our methodologies and solutions allow us to partner and provide you with the information, intelligence and insights you need to make timely organisational decisions based on key financial ratios, performance indicators and drivers.


Our advanced methodologies and applications will also allow you to reduce the amount of time spent on reporting and report distribution, analyse both summary and detail level financial information, and ultimately improve financial and operational performance.

Below is an overview of our financial analyticals services and  solutions for financial data, designed to ensure your organization has the best possible solution to optimize performance, improve profitability, and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • P&L/Cashflow Analysis

    1. Revenue

    2. Gross Margin

    3. Net Operating Income

    4. Net Operating Loss

    5. Operating Margin

    6. Net Working Capital

    7. Cash Conversion Cycle

    8. Interest Income / Interest Expense

    9. Top 5 Payables

    10. Top 5 Receivables

    11. Earnings Per Share

  • General Ledger Analysis

  1. Account Balances

  2. Account Activity

  3. Actuals vs. Budget vs. Forecast vs. Plan

  4. Return on Assets

  5. Return on Equity

  6. Profit Margin

  7. Debt-To-Asset Ratio

  8. Fixed Asset Turnover

  9. Total Asset Turnover

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

  1. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

  2. Average Collection Period

  3. Average Days To Pay

  4. Bad Debt Analysis

  5. Days Past Due

  6. Current Ratio

  7. Quick Ratio

  8. Stock Turns

  9. Open Invoice Statistics

  • Accounts Payable Analysis

  1. Accounts Payable Ageing

  2. Accounts Payable Value

  3. Average Days To Pay

  4. Average Days Past Due

  5. % Accounts Payable Past Due

  6. % Accounts Payable On-Time

  7. Accounts Payable Vendor Profiling

  8. Open Invoice Statistics

  9. Discount Utilization


Contact us to discuss your Financial KPI Analytics, BI and Reporting strategy including your budgeting, planning and forecasting modelling and applications


Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your financial modelling requirements.

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