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Strategy Development for BI, Analytics & Data Warehouses 

Delivering advanced reporting strategies, analytics, business intelligence BI and dashboards.

You need to develop your Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Insights and data governance strategy creation framework before commencing any BI, Analytics or Insights roadmap initiative in order to minimize risk and the probability of failure.

The BI, Analytics & Insights strategy and governance creation framework will include some of the following areas:

  • An initiative sponsor.

  • Creation of a Steering Committee to decide on:

    • The Vision.

    • Define Information.

    • The Scope

BI, Analytics and Data Warehouse Strategy Framework

The principles in developing the philosophy behind the strategy creation framework include:

  • Supporting the achievement of the corporate strategy.

  • Governance.

  • End user focused.

  • Developing internal capabilities.

  • Productivity.

  • Accuracy.

  • Timeliness.

  • Storage.

  • Life cycle of data & disposing/archiving.

  • Ethics.

  • Development of employees.

  • Internal & external data sourcing

Analytics BI Strategy Development Framework

Once the strategy creation framework has been developed your are ready to formulate the following strategies:

  • Data Warehouse.

  • Reporting.

  • Business Intelligence.

  • Dashboard.

  • Analytics.

  • Modelling & Planning.

  • Insights

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • Machine Learning.

A critical success factor is to ensure the above strategies are aligned to the outcomes of the corporate strategy.

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