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Increasing Private Equity (PE) Returns with Advanced Analytics

Our data and advanced analytics solutions deliver insights that allow Private Equity PE firms to increase the value of their portfolios.

Rundas partner with Private Equity (PE) firms to identify new insights that allows for them to make more informed and timely investment decisions. Our unique PE data and analytics solutions provide unique powerful insights into PE firms' portfolios that result in increasing profit margins, revenue growth and investment company valuations.

Private Equity data science

Portfolio Growth and Increasing Portfolio Valuations

We partner with PE organisations to provide them with advanced BI analytics solutions to identify new insights that result in the better understanding of customers, segmentations and the identification of new revenue sources and increased profit margins in addition to improved target marketing combined with data monetization strategies. Rundas has repeatable and scalable processes and methodologies.

Private Equity Analytics

Portfolio Lifecycle Performance  Evaluations

Our PE data BI analytics solutions are automated and in real-time consolidating financial, market and operational data sources. The visualizations and BI reports we provide measure the performance of PE portfolio companies including benchmarking companies to identify new insights and to unlock these new sources of value and revenue growth.

Private Equity analytics bi

Improving Operational Efficiencies Across All Portfolio Companies

Rundas partners with PE firms to deliver advanced modelling and automated data and analytics solutions. These include automation of data collection, data cleansing, BI dashboard reporting that empower organisations in sharing their insights across the entire organisation. Our solutions across data, BI  and analytics identify opportunities from inefficiencies in processes for them to be made more efficient. These include our consultants providing their expertise to result in avoiding new headcounts as well as providing cost-effective data and analytics services and applications.

Private Equity data analytics

Performing Due Diligence

Rundas provides due diligence solutions that provide deeper and more meaningful insights from internal and external data sources that deliver timely answers within multiple interactive cycles. We partner with you to help you improve the collection of disparate data sources on potential acquisitions and perform advanced analytics to support you in making informed timely investment decisions.

What Our Analytics Do

At Rundas we partner with you across the complete data, BI and analytics visualization lifecycle. We start with your strategy and progress through to your implementation and us supporting you to extract the greatest insights and value from you data for the benefit of your organisation. We allowing you to make sense of your data and to utilise it in solving complex problems.

Private Equity

Data Strategy

Evolving with your data, BI, Analytics and Visualizations begins with a robust strategy. Rundas partners with you to design, plan and implement your medium and long term strategy. We help you in defining the team, functions, processes, and technology stack you require to support your organisation in putting in place the foundations to begin using your data assets to achieve your business goals.

Private Equity bi analytics data

Data Management

At Rundas we partner with you and depending on your requirements and preferences progress in designing and implementing your data management plan for either off-premise cloud-based or on-premises or a combination hybrid data solutions across secure infrastructure that supports adaptable and flexible  data architectures to act as the foundation your organisation requires to maximise the return from all of your data assets.

Private Equity analysis modelling


Our clients benefit from our advanced BI analytics visualization templates. We implement powerful data BI analytics solutions. In addition we automate data and reporting processes, turning disparate data sources into consolidated insights  based on improve data quality and data governance methodologies. Our analytics BI reports are structured to communicate valuable insights  and predict future trends.

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