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Retail Franchise Dashboard

Retail Franchise Store Support Operations BI Dashboard Report

Below is one of our retail operations dashboard visualisations for retail franchise operations that has been developed in Power BI, noting we also deploy this dashboard in numerous other analytics applications including Cognos Analytics TM1.

This retail franchise operations support dashboard visualisation below provides an overview of the franchisor’s operations focussed on four main questions as follow:

  1. How loyal are the franchisees? Indicated in the net promoter score ‘NPS Franchisees’ measure.

  2. How loyal are our customers? Indicated in the net promoter score ‘NPS Customers’ measure.

  3. How well is our brand audit performing? Indicated in the ‘Brand Audit’ measure.

  4. How well are our stores sales performing? Indicated in the ‘Same Store Sales Growth’ growth measure.

Retail Store Franchise Support Operations BI Dashboard from Rundas Capital

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Within the four main questions that we are answering in this retail operations dashboard we are also looking at inputs that contribute to the performance of the four measures as well as downstream measures that are impacted. These include the following:

  • New franchise store pipeline including the trends of the respective stages in the pipeline and how they correlate to the NPS. Leading on from the new store pipeline we also report on when existing franchise store licenses are up for renewal:

  • With regards to the store audits we also look at the numbers of audits, how many passed, their average audit scores as well as the results and trends of different aspects of the store audit:

  • We also look at the same store sales to identify how their performance is tracking to provide an indication of sales growth excluding the masking impact of any new stores sales that may have come on during this time period. Also included is a summary profit & loss for the retail operations department.


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Retail Franchise BI Analytics
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