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Embracing Analytics To Achieve Your Company's Growth Strategy

Our Analytics solutions build the bridge between designing and planning your strategies with successfully implementing them.

Our sales revenue growth analytics, BI reports, visualization dashboards support you in evaluating data and obtaining new insights in acquiring new customers, conversions of customers, including the retention of your customers to quantify their performance based on your strategy's goals. These include identifying key BI analytics metrics in identifying new insights including measuring the growth in revenue and profitability and what the key attributes and dimensions that are required in determining your customers' future growth.

Rundas BI analytics solutions in growth and marketing are focussed on the most effective and timely implementation roadmaps to delivering revenue and profitability growth to you.


We partner with organisations to increase the value created from their customers' lifecycles with our custom advanced analytics methodologies that result in increasing the number of new customers through segmentation and the creation and matching of promotions with customer wants including up-selling and cross-selling to high value potential customers.

The advanced methodologies and applications developed by Rundas support sales growth, marketing and gross margin analytics that allow for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CMO to achieve powerful insights into their customers, competitors, market trends and product performance with our Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics solutions. 

Monitoring growth analytics BI metrics provide new insight on past events and can be used in achieving future growth. Our advanced growth analytics BI metrics and algorithms provide new valuable insights including:

• Which products and offers create the largest revenue growth.

• Which sales channels represent the greatest growth potential.
• Identification of weak links existence that hinder growth.
• The performance and health check on the organisation as a whole.
• Attributes of potential high value customers to target for growth.
• Ad campaign performance in acquiring new users and their retention rates.
• Ad campaign attributes that have achieve the high ROI.

We support you in identifying areas where advanced analytics can be applied or improved to facilitate enhanced business capabilities with rapid BI analytics prototypes that are easily scalable. Our advanced methodologies and solutions allow for rapid analytics development and deployments for testing, conversion and migration into our production analytics solution with out talented and experienced analytics resources.

We Partner With You in Overcoming

• Significant dependence on spreadsheets
• Low uptake of BI analytics technologies
• Minimal self-service reporting capabilities
• Organisational data silos
• Analytics ROI not measured
• Inability in scaling current analytics solution

• Many disconnected data sources

• Inefficient & slow decision making processes

• Difficulty rolling out new analytics technologies

• Ineffective & poor data quality

• No data governance

• Data is not trusted

Analytics BI Reporting Project Stages

Stage 1: Requirements & Data Profiling

We begin by understanding you analytics BI reporting goals  and begin profiling your data sources to begin designing your solution for review, feedback and sign-off.

Stage 3: UI & UX Experience Design

We follow a rapid application development methodology to reduce the time and cost in designing your solutions during UAT stage prior to deploying your analytics BI reporting solution.

Stage 2: Designing & Modelling

We progress to designing and developing your multi-dimension data model required to meet your goals and to test it to ensure your metrics and KPIs are valid.

Stage 4: Training & Support

We handover all process documentation to you including as required end user training and ongoing support of your solution.

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