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Data And Analytics Transformations To Increase Your Strategic Advantage

Rundas partners with you to design and implement advanced strategic analytics capabilities supporting you to transform your operations to increase your competitive advantage.

The expectations across all industries regarding the untapped value within your data and analytics have significantly increased. These are further reinforced by organisations now being very digitally aware of the importance and increased competitive advantage that exists in their data sources.

Leading organisations in data and BI analytics are developing, implementing and supporting new innovative operating models and business models to increase their capabilities in delivering on the strategic goals by now being able to identify new insights to support more sophisticated decision making processes. Analytics transformation journeys are now achievable and a reality in delivering on strategic outcomes.

We partner with our clients in utilising analytics to transform their organisations. This includes developing deep and robust strategic analytics capabilities and embedding and applying these new found analytics capabilities to internal and external data sources. These result in us increasing your top and bottom line growth and margins.

Our BI Analytics offering include and are not limited to the following areas:

BI Analytics Assessments on Capability
and Transformation Readiness

Rapid and Agile Prototype


At Rundas we partner with you in defining your Analytics outcomes objectives including developing your business case, your analytics governance framework , your operating model, talent skills matrix requirements, implementation roadmap, analytics readiness to in supporting you to become a data analytics insights driven organisation.

We support you in bringing forward the benefits of your analytics journey and by designing and implementing your enterprise wide analytics solution and it being aligned with your organisation's objectives, IT and stakeholders by rapidly developing and performing end user acceptance testing in deploying prototypes that are outcome oriented, functional and scalable.


Rapid Scalable Solution

We support and guide you in implementing and supporting your analytics solutions using our unique methodologies that speed up the time it takes to implement your BI analytics dashboards as well as these being highly scalable. All these result in supporting and enhancing your decision making processes due to the new insights you will obtain resulting in immediate and sustainable performance improvements.


Identifying and Increasing Your Customers' Value and Growth

Our advanced BI analytics reports and visualization dashboards provide our clients with the capabilities to be disruptive to the competitions' business models. Our clients' unique data combined with our advanced  can create strategic differentiation and improve customer value, experience, and engagement.


Value Creation in Operations and Financials

Our BI analytics transformation solutions  improve efficiencies in your processes to optimize your capacity while also maximizing your suppliers' performance in delivering operational effectiveness and excellence.


Regulatory Compliance Analytics Benefits

The analytics solutions provided by Rundas can improve your adherence to meeting regulatory compliance across your organisation to mitigate or reduce the risks your organisation is exposed to including increasing the efficiencies in your processes in dealing with the ever increasing complexity in your regulatory requirements.

We Partner With You in Overcoming

• Significant dependence on spreadsheets
• Low uptake of BI analytics technologies
• Minimal self-service reporting capabilities
• Organisational data silos
• Analytics ROI not measured
• Inability in scaling current analytics solution

• Many disconnected data sources

• Inefficient & slow decision making processes

• Difficulty rolling out new analytics technologies

• Ineffective & poor data quality

• No data governance

• Data is not trusted

Analytics BI Reporting Project Stages

Stage 1: Requirements & Data Profiling

We begin by understanding you analytics BI reporting goals  and begin profiling your data sources to begin designing your solution for review, feedback and sign-off.

Stage 3: UI & UX Experience Design

We follow a rapid application development methodology to reduce the time and cost in designing your solutions during UAT stage prior to deploying your analytics BI reporting solution.

Stage 2: Designing & Modelling

We progress to designing and developing your multi-dimension data model required to meet your goals and to test it to ensure your metrics and KPIs are valid.

Stage 4: Training & Support

We handover all process documentation to you including as required end user training and ongoing support of your solution.

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