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MS Excel Spreadsheet Macro Audit Review

MS Excel workbook / spreadsheet audit, review, correction and development to be aligned to the objectives the spreadsheet is to achieve.

MS Excel spreadsheet / workbook modelling is a multi-disciplinary skill, requiring advanced MS Excel skills inclusive of macros, VBA programming, database querying, visualizations and the commercial subject matter knowledge.

In order to bring all these skills together to develop and maintain complex MS Excel models you will have a requirement for the development of new models in MS Excel or require an existing model to be audited, reviewed, enhanced or corrected.


The strength and flexibility of MS Excel can result in inefficiencies and errors if not correctly designed, developed and maintained to best practice.


The Excel files your company is using may have become inaccurate or corrupted with errors in logic, calculations and data which may not be evident to the users of these Excel models.


We can partner with you to support you in reviewing your models by auditing them to identify the inaccuracies, enhance existing MS Excel spreadsheet models or rebuild a new accurate Excel workbook model with increased efficiencies and robustness.


Contact us to discuss your MS Excel modelling needs and how we can help you.

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