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MS Excel Budgeting Forecasting Planning 

Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) advanced budgeting, forecasting and planning models and applications contractors, consultants, developers and outsourced solutions.

Ideally your Microsoft Excel budgets, forecasts and plans should role up to a consolidated profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cashflow that adhere to best practice that we can partner with you to achieve with additional functionality.

Your models can be designed and built to increase your modelling capabilities with 'bottom up', 'top down' or 'middle out' functionality.


These will allow you to focus on analysis and more importantly being strategically focussed as opposed to spending your efforts in purely populating budget and forecast templates.


Additionally your budgeting, forecasting and planning needs can require the specialised skills encompassing commercial knowledge, financial modelling concepts, database SQL programming, macro and VBA programming expertise for MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server and other databases.

These skills will allow you to develop and achieve high value budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities. These are further enhanced by the functionality of being able to import your budgets, forecasts and plans back into source systems.


You can achieve these capabilities and outcomes with our specialised skills to increase your financial performance and enhancing your corporate planning governance policies and procedures.


We can help you to increase your capabilities in understanding and modelling the relationship between different business units and departments under different scenarios and their impacts on your profit and loss, balance sheet, cashflow, capital expenditure, costing models and any corporate covenants.


These can be further enhanced for you with the additional functionality of incorporating goal-seek, sensitivity and scenario analysis to allow you to compare different versions including actual historical results.


Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to achieve your budgeting, forecasting and planning objectives.


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MS Excel Budgeting Forecasting
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