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Cognos TM1 Developers, Consultants & Contractors

Cognos TM1 consultants, contractors and outsource providers to partner with you in your financial budgeting, forecasting, reporting, modelling and planning requirements.

Rundas' Cognos TM1 developers, consultants and contractors to provide organisations with TM1 Service Management, TM1 Project Management and TM1 Support activities within a structured program of work to deliver on client's requirements and goals.


Our IBM Cognos TM1 services and solutions include:

  • System and environment management for the TM1 Application.

  • In-depth knowledge of TM1 Cube design, Turbo Integrator processes, Rules engine, Performance Modeler  and System Maintenance.

  • TM1 project management.

  • Maintaining TM1 infrastructure to support a global deployment of TM1.

  • TM1 deployment using TM1 web and TM1 Perspectives for Excel.

  • Cognos BI integration as required.

  • Assignment of technical components of TM1 projects and TM1 system enhancements.

  • Interfacing with cross functional teams regarding TM1 system implementation, maintenance, enhancements and ongoing support.

  • TM1 project management and TM1 model documentation and end-user training.

  • Adhering to TM1 foundational concepts.

  • Performing TM1 requirements gathering.

  • TM1 model prototyping.

  • In-depth knowledge of TM1 ETL tool (Turbo Integrator & Performance Modeler).

  • Developing TM1 policies and practices.

  • Monitoring and promoting the effective use of TM1 applications.

  • Managing and monitoring TM1 application access and adherence to TM1 model security policies.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or goals and how we can facilitate you achieving them.

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