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Financial Modelling

Delivering advanced MS Excel financial modelling and analytics to clients using SQL, VBA and customised MS Excel applications.

Our Microsoft advanced Excel financial modelling services are focused on designing, creating and implementing end user friendly financial models that can be used by personnel with limited Excel knowledge.


Our financial modelling services to you include:

  • Developing financial models from scratch and/or enhancing your existing models.

  • Auditing your financial models and ensuring they adhere to MS Excel best practice standards and governance policing.

  • Identify the most effective formulas to be implemented into your financial model to achieve the stated objectives of the model.

  • Design and create error handling capabilities into your financial model.

  • Designing your model so that it has the capability to identify errors.

  • Incorporating protection into your model's worksheets to prevent the model being incorrectly changed.

  • Implementing data entry parameters for data validation.

  • Including navigation pages and buttons in your model to allow the end user interface to be user friendly and logical in its navigations.

  • Including the use of drop down list boxes.

  • Providing assumptions of your model to identify and minimise risks.

  • The inclusion of an end user instruction manual.

  • Creating a presentation layer that will communicate your model's results effectively and clearly.

  • Linking your financial model to databases to access any required data.

  • Incorporating Goal Seek functionality within your Excel financial model.

  • Using macros and VBA to automate tasks and increase the accuracy of your model's functionality.

  • Using pivot tables where applicable.

  • We are able to review, enhance and audit and existing financial model.

  • Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis.

  • Including sensitivity analysis into the functionality of your financial model.

  • Including What-If analysis into the functionality of your financial model.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your financial modelling requirements.

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