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Your Data Strategy is a Foundation for Success

Data strategy is foundational for organizations in increasing their value and successes in meeting their goals.

Data and analytics strategy is foundational to an organization needs in increasing the value from their data assets. The data and analytics strategy needs to have agility in adapting to the evolving business environment and emerging new technologies .
Successful business transformation requires sound data and analytics strategy aligned to a long-term roadmap defining the people, processes, technology, and data required to achieve on a company's strategic objective.

We Make Your Data Work for You


Data Strategy Assessment

We will review your current data and analytics objectives and partner with you to develop your comprehensive data and analytics strategy. Including step-by-step implementation roadmap in achieving your strategic goals. At the end of your data and analytics reporting assessment you will exactly know how to move forward and have your strategy supported by your data assets.


Strategy Refinement & Execution

The current unpredictable and changing business and economic environment including new technology choices almost necessitate for you to regularly review and update your data and analytics reporting strategy. We support you in refreshing your data strategy ensuring your data, analytics, BI , people, processes, and tools are positioned to support you in delivering on your business gaols. in addition we are positioned and ready to become your trusted partner when in implementing your data strategy roadmap.


Data Science Readiness

Data science projects can be very costly mistake  if adequate preparation is not undertaken. We will work with you in defining valuable data science initiatives including what is required to deliver on them. We will review your current processes and governance specific to your data, technology, and infrastructure. Once completed you will receive your roadmap and implementation plan that details the steps required to initiate your data science program. These include initiatives that you are able to begin immediately given your current capabilities.


Tool, Technology & Architecture 

Data and analytics technologies are evolving rapidaly. We can support you in reviewing and selecting the best suited tools based on your requirements, needs and that they integrate with your data and analytics current and future state ecosystems and technologies. This includes facilitating and analyzing your vendor presentations and responses by providing you with a performance scorecard rating and tool selection comparison. Additionally we can provide  you with optimization and enhancement recommendations of your current data and analytics tool sets to maximize your ROI from your current technology investments.


Data Governance Program

Defining how people and processes interact in your organization influences at a high degree the success achieved from your data and analytics. We will help you to identify and create a formal data governance program ensuring data is accessible, secure, uniform, and trusted throughout the organization. We also provide guidance on the structure and creation of of your data committee and charter including facilitating meetings as a independant third party.


Executive Advisory Services 

We partner with executives and Non-Executive Directors in training them on how to use their data and analytics assets to address their biggest problems. This includes identifying, selecting and defining metrics needed to measure their businesses, developing plans for efficient decision making on these metrics, team structures, assessments, and establishing a robust data governance program.

We Partner With You in Overcoming

• Significant dependence on spreadsheets
• Low uptake of BI analytics technologies
• Minimal self-service reporting capabilities
• Organisational data silos
• Analytics ROI not measured
• Inability in scaling current analytics solution

• Many disconnected data sources

• Inefficient & slow decision making processes

• Difficulty rolling out new analytics technologies

• Ineffective & poor data quality

• No data governance

• Data is not trusted

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