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Aged Care & Health Care Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) & Planning Models to Drive Better Outcomes & Increased Financial, EBIT & Cash Flow Performance

Rundas' team operate across various industries that result in our clients' benefiting from industry specific experience combined with these being transferable across different industries.
Our industry knowledge and experience result in us delivering to boards, senior executives and management valuable insights and perspectives. These are achieved by partnership across the company to strengthen collaboration and earnings to produce the best possible results.

Rundas balances the drive for growth with fiscal responsibility, sustainability and an emphasis on partnering with all stakeholders.


Aged Care

The aged care and community care services industries are facing substantial challenges that need to be balanced with the organisation’s purpose, service delivery model, governance framework, quality standard and ultimately financial performance.

These are compounded by the increasing expectations of the public, the increase in the ageing population, the impact of chronic diseases combined with evolving delivery models and the ever changing and uncertain funding models. All these factors are increasing demand for services, quality, efficiencies at a dynamic strategic level with increasing financial challenges.


We know that people are at the heart of health and aged care and we are able to help you in achieving and delivering on your strategy and goals with our services to boards and support of staff and clients. We are able to support you in not for profit governance, planning, modelling, implementing change, reporting, analytics and technology.

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