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Data Science for Deeper Insights

Our machine learning consulting services deliver to you deeper insights with the capabilities of being able to look ahead with predictive data-driven decisions.

What Can You Do With Machine Learning?

• Customer Churn Analysis

• Personalized & Targeted Marketing

• Supply-Chain Optimization

• Logistics Route Optimization

           and so much more

• Risk Modelling

• Fraud Identification Detection

• Customer Attributes Profiling

• Employee Retention

Our Data Science Solutions and Consulting Services

At Rundas we partner with you to assess your capabilities and work with you to migrate from expensive processes and applications that will not deliver value to you. We support you in designing and developing models that remove human bias and engage with modern data science methodologies.


Data Science

We partner with you to ensure you succeed with your data science requirements by starting with a plan that aligns to your business goals. This includes us helping you in assessing, developing, testing and training your new machine learning models with your data. This will result in you acquiring interpretable results and a plan for you to achieve your objectives with our data science services and solutions.


Designing and Implementing Machine Learning Models

At Rundas we support you by identifying and preparing your data sets and building powerful machine learning models that utilise Python, R and other advanced applications. We progress by implementing your machine learning models into your BI analytics reporting applications to provide you with in depth and valuable insights within your current analytics reporting platform and applications.

We Partner With You in Overcoming

• Significant dependence on spreadsheets
• Low uptake of BI analytics technologies
• Minimal self-service reporting capabilities
• Organisational data silos
• Analytics ROI not measured
• Inability in scaling current analytics solution

• Many disconnected data sources

• Inefficient & slow decision making processes

• Difficulty rolling out new analytics technologies

• Ineffective & poor data quality

• No data governance

• Data is not trusted

Top Companies Hire Our Team

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