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Reporting Analyst

Reporting Analyst services providing you the link between your data, insights and management decisions.

As your Reporting Analyst we allow you to flex up or down based on your requirements and budgets while having the technical and commercial capabilities to deliver on your requirements in the shortest time frames with different engagement models.

Our Reporting Analyst contracting and managed services can help you to design and develop your metrics, dashboards, reports and analyses to support key business decisions. We provide your with a link between your raw data and management team.

Rundas helps clients in meeting their Reporting Analyst requirements with quicker access and at a lower cost by removing the need for recruitment agency fees or additional human resource department requirements that can be avoided by engaging us at Rundas.

We can help you in working, analysing and reporting on large scale and disparate data sets to create unique insights that can be used by your organisation to improve and optimise performance. These include working with large and complex SQL databases to develop and maintain the data warehouse ETL solutions required for your reporting analysis and automating reporting solutions and data visualisations across your organisation.

The above includes our skills in:

  • Reporting Analysis

  • SQL Development

  • Experience across multiple industries and departments

  • Experience in multiple software applications

  • Data Visualisation

  • BI Reporting

  • Experience across multiple industries and departments

  • Analytics & BI as a Self Service solutions

Contact us at Rundas to identify how your requirements can be best met in the most cost-effective way.

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