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IT Department and Projects Dashboards & Scorecard

IT Department and CIO dashboards to provide you and your team greater insights to their performance and collaboration.

Your IT department's and CIO's goals of articulating the organisational and technical goals with relevant and timely metrics can be enhanced with customised dashboards with drill down and BI functionality


The CIO's dashboard will allow you to align and measure your IT strategy and investment with your company's strategy and how IT has contributed to the organisation's strategy.

PMO IT dashboard visualisation

We are able to help you with your CIO's dashboard from the design phase through to the implementation and end user acceptance. With the combination of our services and solutions we can provide you with and not limited to the following:

  • Project management of the dashboard engaging and managing your internal personnel and technologies.

  • Host your dashboard internally using your organisation's application suite(s) and hardware.

  • Outsource the full development life-cycle to us.

  • Engage us to develop, host and enhance your CIO's dashboard including BI functionality externally to your environment in our data centres or in the cloud.

  • Tablet based dashboard with drill down capabilities, free hand and text annotation combined with emailing capabilities of dashboard including comments.

Contact us to find out how we can partner to help you achieve your dashboards, reporting, BI, modelling and analytics objectives.

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