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Cognos Finance, Consolidation, UNICOM & TM1 Consultants

Cognos Finance, Cognos Consolidation, UNICOM Finance & TM1 solve many financial budgeting, forecasting and planning problems.

Cognos Finance, Cognos Consolidation, UNICOM Finance and TM1 allow you to integrate budgeting, forecasting, planning, consolidation, financial reporting, analysis and analytics into one system, providing a single view through web based reporting and modelling.


Rundas partners with you to tailor sophisticated modelling of operational and financial data to allow you to use it for internal and external reporting including statutory reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning.

We can import data from varied and disparate data sources to rapidly produce consolidated results. These are combined with alignment to strategies and their linkages to operational reporting, budgets and forecasts.


Your finance staff can define their business model and deliver on company requirements to management, statutory and regulatory bodies with the required financial statements.


Cognos Finance, Cognos Consolidation, UNICOM Finance and TM1  consolidate results including foreign currencies to be processed and stored within a central repository including historical results and multiple budget and forecast versions.


Authorised users can review and manipulate financial and management reports for comparative variance and key ratio analysis.

Budgets and reports can be distributed over the web via secure intranets or extranets.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your IBM Cognos Finance, Cognos Consolidation, UNICOM Finance and TM1 environment and models.

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