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Pharmacy Supply Chain Dashboard

Pharmacy supply chain dashboard for pharmaceutical wholesale distribution businesses.

Below is one of our pharmacy supply chain dashboard visualisations for pharmacy wholesalers and distributors that has been developed in Power BI, noting we also deploy this dashboard in other analytics applications.

The difficulty with any dashboard is curtailing the content to the specific business questions that need to be answered as well as the answers to these questions being able to be measured and actioned.

The pharmacy supply chain dashboard visualisation report below is focussed on answering three main questions as follow:

  1. How much of our range do we have in stock? Shown by the ‘% in stock’ measure.

  2. How effective are we in managing our inventory? Shown by the ‘Stock Turns (in days)’ measure.

  3. What is the value of sales that we have lost? Shown by the ‘Lost Sales’ measure.

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Within the three main questions that we are answering in this supply chain dashboard we are also looking at the key inputs that influence the performance of the three main questions/measures. In this example we are looking at answering these as follows:

  1. How does supply chain’s sales forecasting accuracy, demand planning accuracy and SIFOT performances influence the ‘% in stock’ by product category and warehouse location?

  2. How much does the business have invested in inventory and where are there under and over stocks by product category and warehouse location that may be masked in the consolidated results of ‘Stock Turns (in days)’ and ‘Stock On Hand’?

  3. What is the dollar value in ‘Lost Sales’ and how are these impacted by the organisation’s ‘Order Fulfilment’ rates and ‘Customer Order Cycle’ length by product category and warehouse location?

The potential layouts and contents that can be included in a pharmacy wholesaler distributor’s supply chain dashboard are almost never ending in their potential combinations.

The real tangibles value is in having a formal reporting roadmap that aligns corporate strategy and the reporting strategy to the shareholders, financiers, directors, executives, management and operational staff's reporting needs.

The above supply chain dashboard represents one of the hundreds of dashboards, reports and models that we have in our repository that we use in supporting and helping our clients in achieving their goals across different applications and IT infrastructures.

Rundas has extensive intellectual property in performance reporting strategies and sophisticated commercial data models that are highly valuable in delivering reporting strategies that result in improving business performance.


Please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you in achieving your business reporting performance objectives.

Supply Chain Pharmacy BI Visualisation

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Supply Chain Pharmacy Dashboard
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