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Rapid Application Development Consultants

Rapid application development proto-types and UX testing.

We can help you to communicate your web or application project's intent and design in a very short period of time when compared to traditional development practices.


These include by allowing us to shorten your development cycle and associated costs by clearly helping you to define deliverables and manage your stakeholders expectations at the initial design phase by developing and testing different design ideas, gather real time feedback, test any assumptions, test the feasibility of your project and obtain buy in from stakeholders.


We can also prototype your data feeds and algorithms for accuracy and signoff to identify any unexpected surprises and using real data within your prototype.


This allows you to further reduce your project development efforts, costs and time frames by using the prototype including any data feeds and calculations to develop your requirements and specification documents.


Additionally you can use the above information to prepare your business case feasibility including and reducing risks by having a documented and tested prototype to refer back to with stakeholders and developers.


In summary we partner with you in designing your prototype, qualify the usability, review additional alternatives, and test any logic and assumptions prior to project commencing.


We can help you achieve these functional prototypes at a fraction of the cost and time frame of the traditional development life-cycle by using our prototyping services, methodologies and related technologies. If requested we can work with you and your team in developing and putting your application into production.

Contact us to discuss your rapid application requirements and objectives.

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