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MS Excel Contractors, Developers & Consultants

Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) contracting, developer and consulting including macros, VBA, database sql integration and application development.

Our objectives in providing Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) solutions or Excel contractor services is to achieve insight and extract value from your operations, marketing, sales, HR, IT, logistics and supply chain department (to mention a few) with reduced risks by using the full functionality of Excel spreadsheets.


By applying and integrating finance methodologies with MS Excel and your multiple data sources an organization will be able to deliver insightful, powerful and robust MS Excel models and analysis.


The above objectives with MS Excel as well as MS Access include and are not limited to the following:

  • Excel design methodology concepts and processes.

  • Scoping operational, corporate and strategic requirements for Excel.

  • The application of specialist Excel techniques in improving existing Excel models.

  • Enhancing existing Excel models to achieve a greater insight into the data and make these existing spreadsheets more reliable.

  • Enhancing existing spreadsheets by introducing risk attributes.

  • Developing standard Excel templates and integrating them for future enhancements in-house by our clients.

  • Providing customized onsite training to managers and employees specific to their Excel models.

  • Clients tend to have large volumes of data across different databases and applications. We bring these together by developing Excel applications and models to mine these different data sources and achieve greater degrees of analysis and insight with automation and automated exception reporting while achieving one version of the truth.

  • Identify the algorithmic relationships between different key variables.

  • How to identify new variables and including these in existing and new models.

  • Identifying and isolating variables for testing.

  • Providing Excel scenario analysis to avoid any un-necessary losses or poor performance.

  • Document and communicate all the Excel assumptions and data inputs.


Contact us to discuss your MS Excel reporting and modelling needs and how we can help you.


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