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Certent Disclosure Management CDM Consultants

We can partner with you to provide governance and assurance over your enterprise reporting processes.

IBM's Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) allows for a secure, collaborative, enterprise wide and highly scalable reporting solution for operational, management, executive and board reporting packs.

The above includes process automation allowing for report users and contributors to merge disparate enterprise data including commentary.

Allowing for the delivery of a concise and focused analysis of your organisation's performance.

All this is performed in a controlled, auditable and in workflow controlled application.

Regardless of your organisation's size, complexity and geographic foot print we can automate the production of your reporting packs including commentary and analysis into a single data repository that allows for dynamic analysis and reporting to the business.

Multiple persons can contribute to the production of your reporting including collaboration amongst themselves in creating complex reports while enforcing proper controls, governance and assurance including approvals being formalised in a robust process to produce internal and external regulatory report filings.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you centralising your internal and external reporting with Certent Disclosure Management (CDM).


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