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Outsourced Analytics Business Intelligence

Delivering outsourced Analytics and Business Intelligence  services allowing management and executives to focus on their operations as they have their analytics and insights presented to them to make sound decisions.

The benefits of outsourcing your Analytics and BI function to Rundas include Australian specialists located in Australia as well as the following points below:


Dedicated Highly Skilled Team

Obtain a dedicated team of data professionals who are highly skilled and have in depth knowledge of data analysis, analytics & BI.


Gain Instant Capacity

Achieve getting skilled analytics capacity as well as freeing up your internal source.


Specialized Tools

Have numerous specialized data analysis tools for analysing, organizing and visualizing your data in shorter time frames.


Save Time

Rundas has a team of professional experts who are skilled in what to do, how to do it and how to manage time and engage stakeholders.


Save money

It is difficult and costly hiring data scientist, analytics, BI, report developers and database developers separately. Outsourcing these allows you to minimize costs.


Proficient Data Management

Power BI report designing and use is free from Microsoft and cloud licensing is $10 per user per month.

High Quality Services

Our data analytics services ensures proper and systematic management, governance and documentation of your Analytics BI platforms.

The above points result in increasing the quality, timeliness, content and insights from your Analytics and BI outsourcing partner to improve your organisation's decision making processes.

Contact us for a discussion on maximising the return and insights by outsourcing to commercial and technical experts.

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