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Supply Chain Analytics Dashboard Consultants

Reporting, analytics and modelling of your supply chain and proposed strategies.

Your supply chain is a crucial part of your organisation and generally cost intensive as well as having a significant impact on your customers' satisfaction and operations.


Rundas can help you in optimising the balance between your service levels to customers and the cost incurred in your supply chain to service your customers with our supply chain modelling services.

We access your multiple data repositories to bring a holistic view to your supply chain and apply activity based costing methodologies to identify your costs to specific customers and their contribution margin to your company's gross profit.


You are empowered to achieve greater insight into your cost structure and to allow you to more accurately prepare for tenders and have the capability to report on the financial performance of individual contracts with your existing customers.


In summary we can help you in your supply chain modelling by:

  • Customer and contract profitability.

  • Which of your channels are profitable and channel gross margin.

  • Optimise and reduce your inventory levels.

  • Transparency of your network's costs.

  • Workforce planning to reduce your labour costs.

  • Create customise performance reports and dashboards.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you increase the financial performance of your supply chain.

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