Optimising performance  by steering you to certainty and success.

Helping Manufacturing Businesses to Maintain & Increase Performance with Analytics Across their Supply Chain & Processes

Rundas' team operate across various industries that result in our clients' benefiting from industry specific experience combined with these being transferable across different industries.


Our industry knowledge and experience result in us delivering to boards, senior executives and management valuable insights and perspectives. These are achieved by partnership across the company to strengthen collaboration and earnings to produce the best possible results.

Rundas balances the drive for growth with fiscal responsibility, sustainability and an emphasis on partnering with all stakeholders.


Manufacturing businesses pursuing growth agendas are required to address common concerns that include limited access to finance, increasing raw material costs, energy costs and inflexible workforce agreements that result in unfavourable impacts on gross margins and ultimately cash flow and profitability challenges.


At Rundas can help you address these issues by partnering with you to identify and deliver on new opportunities and efficiencies. These opportunities include:

  • New and augmented product lines;

  • New geographic expansion;

  • More effective and efficient workforce management;

  • New sales opportunities;

  • Cost control  and reductions;

  • Productivity process improvements:


We are able to partner with you in over coming threats and maximising opportunities and ultimately financial performance in the immediate, medium and long term time horizons at the strategic and operational levels. Our financial and operational services include:

  • Cash flow maximisation;

  • Increased operational and financial performance;

  • Investment strategies;

  • Restructuring scenarios;

  • Risk management;

  • Increased processes efficiencies;

  • New markets entry strategies and plans;

  • Mergers and acquisitions;

  • Analytics and IT investment: